Erik Thorsell

The social machine learning engineer

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My name is Erik Thorsell and I created this site to have something to put on my resume as a point of contact between you and me.

I also wanted a place to host my tick list

An Introduction

I graduated from Chalmers University of Technology during the spring of 2018, after 19 consecutive years in school. After studying music, performance, and leadership I now also hold a B.Sc., an M.Sc. and an M.Sc.Eng. in computer science. I wrote my B.Sc. thesis on the topic of natural language processing (NLP) and my M.Sc. thesis on the applicability of recurrent neural networks for making time-series predictions. I am a curious guy and I really like to learn new things. Check out my resume, work page, and LinkedIn profile if you want to read more about what I have done.

Over the years I have become very disciplined and have developed an analytical mind set which has proven very useful, both in my engineering studies and my work life. I am motivated by challenges and if engineering school has taught me anything it is that I can learn anything given the time. I want to find new approaches, learn new techniques, discover new subjects, and widen my area of expertise.

Current Status

I am currently employed by HiQ Gothenburg, helping Volvo Groups Truck Technology take the next step within vehicle automation. My expertise concerns machine learning, artificial intelligence, optimization, and software development.

If you have additional questions do not hesitate to contact me. Send me a PM on LinkedIn or an email at I am looking forward to hear from you and listen to what problems you have!